Our principal aim during the care and maintenance of our vineyards is to concentrate all our measures and efforts upon cultivating high quality grape produce.
This is why the „Mayr-Unterganzner wine growers“ have in spite of all modern developments dedicated themselves to the pergola culture. However the pergola system is modified so that a large amount of vines per hectare combined with a low grape yield assure the best quality. This high quality target is achieved through careful vine type selection, combined with new knowledge in produce regulation and of course the special care taken through the whole process. No artifical manures or weedkillers are used, in fact on the Mayr-Unterganzner wine estate they are consciously renounced. The best wine comes from old vines, so we only replace vines which have died off. This ensures that the average age of our vines is always high.
The most important wine type on the estate is the Lagrein. It is given very special attention: through decades of selection work new vine derivatives have originated and these continue to guarantee a high wine quality product.